Saturday, February 5, 2011

the endless ocean

the ocean seems never to end,
no end to the fish
and all the dolphins,
the way their tails swish.
but the oceans sparkle,
the deep shining blue,
so unlike a fires crackle
but just as pretty as forests of dew
the oceans sparkle
the beautiful fish
the wonderful ocean

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Bubble

Shiny and pretty,
large or itty-bitty,
though its sparkly and drifty,
ist not very nifty,
its just so perfect you will stare

Monday, December 21, 2009


During the winter ,
During the winter ,
I long for the beauty of spring.
well, theirs fresh grass,
theirs a flower patch,
and everywhere you go birdys sing

Saturday, September 5, 2009



We need fresh air,
Not dads stinky underwear,
When dad comes in I shout hurray
And wait for him to go away
I`m gunu be sick I`m gunu cry
Its all his fault if I die

Saturday, July 4, 2009

.A Storm

A storm is cold.
In one you must be bold
With rain drops falling,
And thunder calling,
When lightnings sigh
Lights the sky,
Go inside

I wrote this poem on a rainy 4th Of July. So much for the party I was going to have.

Friday, July 3, 2009

The piano

The piano is fun to play.
I play it every day.
But if I play the wrong notes,
It ends up sounding like old coats

Fresh Poetry

my very first entry
A book can take you anywhere
A book can be scary to raise your hair
A book could be full of magical creatures
But another book could be how to change your features
Still another book could be about you
But another book about someone you knew
I love books

A Rose Surprise
A rose is a thing of beauty
You give them to a cutie
But you'd better beware
'Cause a wasp could give you quite a scare
You'd come in like you'd seen a bear
And a bee could sting you on a knee
You'd shout and shout oowwwee! oowwwee!
A rose is a thing of beauty
Just use fake ones to give to your cutie

Dolphins Splash
Dolphins splash among the waves
Dolphins splash wile (while) exploring underwater caves
Dolphins splash on you and I
Dolphins splash a watery sigh

A black Cat
To most people black cats are spooky
To me they're a luckey charrm
Black cats are among my favorite animals
To others they mean harm

One Day I Saw A Cheetah
A cheetas orange coat with spots zips by
Its going so fast - I wonder why
Perhaps its playing a game
Or maby others are laughing at its name
I'll probobly never find out
But if I do I'll giv a great shout: